Mobile security concerns and answers!

 Mobile security concerns and answers

 Knowing what people you care about like your children, your parents, and your spouse are is becoming a bigger concern for many people, especially when it comes to mobile phone security. The internet has created an enormous  place where thing can happen that you may have no control over.

This is why a lot of people like to know who their kids are texting, chatting with or what kind of stuff they are surfing online, using their mobile phone. And it may be for no other reason than a safety issues?

And what about all the social stuff like Facebook and Twitter? Many parents would really like to keep a handle on that typre of internet use by their kids and now thy can!

With new security software people can know everything done over their cell phones. They can track what their children do, what their spouse does and what their employees are doing if they provided them with the phone.

How do you know what your en employees are doing? Maybe there surfing the net, maybe there going on face book or twitter when they should be working? Maybe there downloading or watching videos on company time? 

 Some mobile security plans include SMSD tracking which lets you see every word of every message sent and received. They have other features like “call tracking” which has access to the number call are from and too, the length of the call and what time the call took place.

Some offer phone book access which allows you to see every number registered on the memory of the phone. GPS locator tracking can be another feature they provide. This will show you exactly where the person using the phone is, so you know when they call there’s no making up stories or lying about being stuck in traffic.

 This kind of mobile security also offers an added protection for using the phone to do online banking or buying something online using credit cards, as you are able to monitor where the calls come from and go. All in all, having the capability to track, these concerns are not for everyone but the craziness of the internet and access to it is becoming a bigger concern for many people.